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Generic Light Roast

CoffeeBrandCoffee Is bringing a normal everyday drinker of coffee exactly what they need in their daily routine, Coffee. Light Roast is a great add to your normal day to day as it brings out a bit more caffiene. Its a normal, typical, and apolitical grab that everyone should have.

You will notice a coffee bean smell upon opening the bag. You will notice a light roast taste when tasting the brand. You will show a need to drink more because you are an addict. Its spectacularly simple, not overwhelming, but different enough to make this unique and wholesome. Add these beans to your collection if you like coffee at all.

Brady Doesn’t usually drink coffee, but today he tried something different, and just getting a whiff of this compelled him to finish his drink. Its a good aroma with a full head of hair, its a good aroma if you are bald.

Its a generic sleeper waiting to become a full sense of branding.

The Taste of Irish Baileys MAY HAVE DONE IT INJUSTICE, Its a solid roast otherwise and the second cup was better without the added taste of whiskey and cream. It was an eventful sort of cup, almost ceremonial in nature. It was a solid entry into the mouth cavity.

Overall, light roast coffee is known for its subtle and nuanced flavors, which allow the natural characteristics of the coffee bean to shine through. It is generally preferred by those who enjoy a lighter, more complex cup of coffee that is not dominated by roast flavors.

The finishing taste of coffee can vary depending on the type of coffee bean, the roast level, the brewing method, and personal preferences. However, in general, the finishing taste of coffee is characterized by its aftertaste, which is the flavor that lingers in the mouth after the initial taste.


You should own these beans, especially coming from a midwestern guy with a beard. Its been a journey from a non-coffee drinker and its been a delight or treat to experience a normal coffee.

We gave it an 13/15 Stars Total.