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La Crosse Distilling Co. is a craft distillery located in La Crosse, Wisconsin that produces a variety of high-quality spirits, including whiskey, gin, and vodka. Their Rock and Rye is a unique offering that combines the spicy and bold flavor of rye whiskey with a blend of natural sugars and spices.

On the nose, Rock and Rye is immediately inviting, with a warm and spicy aroma that is both complex and well-balanced. Notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg are prominent, with a subtle sweetness that hints at the blend of sugars used in the recipe. The rye whiskey itself is also present, with a slightly earthy and grainy scent that adds depth to the overall aroma.

On the palate, Rock and Rye is smooth and silky, with a warm, spicy sweetness that is perfectly balanced by the rye whiskey’s bold flavor. The natural sugars used in the recipe give the whiskey a pleasant sweetness without being overwhelming, while the blend of spices provides a complex and flavorful taste experience. The whiskey itself is smooth and velvety, with a subtle smokiness that adds depth and character.

The finish is long and satisfying, with a subtle spiciness that lingers on the tongue. The sweetness of the sugars and the spice blend fade away, leaving the bold, smooth flavor of the rye whiskey to take center stage. The finish is warming and comforting, making Rock and Rye a perfect choice for sipping on a cold winter evening.


Rock and Rye is also an excellent choice for use in cocktails. Its unique flavor profile makes it a versatile ingredient that can add depth and complexity to a wide range of drinks. It pairs particularly well with other warm and spicy flavors, such as ginger and orange, making it a great choice for classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned.

Overall, La Crosse Distilling Co.’s Rock and Rye is a fantastic whiskey that is sure to please whiskey lovers who enjoy a little bit of sweetness in their drinks. It’s a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed on its own or in cocktails, and its warm and spicy flavors make it a perfect choice for colder weather. Highly recommended!

We gave it an 8/15 Stars Total.